2022/2/15 (水) JR山手線主要7駅前街宣&16日 (木) 国会議事堂前建屋前 反日カルト、集団ストーカー組織共謀犯罪周知街宣 を行います。


15/2/2023 I will carry out street protest activities in front of the main 7 stationses on the JR Yamanote Line.

I will carry out street protest activities at major 7 stations on the JR Yamanote Line. In order to maximize the efficiency of protest activities in front of the Nation Parliament building that will be held the next day, we are aiming for a multi-speaker effect on the JR Yamanote Line scale instead of points.

16/2/2022 I will carry out street protest activities in front of the Diet Members' Office Building.

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(*: The coalition government Komei-party, and the cult Soka Gakkai are the same organization. Japanese name Komeito)

It may seem like a common conspiracy theory, but it is Japan in the case where the country was taken over without using weapons by a fanatical cult pseudo-religion that human beings experienced for the first time. However, there are 2.8 million believers in 192 countries around the world, and although each country used to have a strong unique flavor, now that the Shinano-town headquarters in Japan is integrated, it is possible that silent genocide will spread. The silent genocide is a method of mentally cornering and inducing suicide through organizational collusion, or there are cases where unrelated people are involved and killed by pretending to be a coincidence a ritual that staging the curse of the cult Soka Gakkai. In addition, there are other cases of victimization in operations where mind-controlled believers are forced to commit suicide-belt martyrdoms with only a sense of purpose substituted for their faith, with no regard for the risk of their own lives.

However, it is surprisingly not known that the cult Soka Gakkai, which has become a world religion, is neither Buddhism nor Nichiren Buddhism, and is essentially a heresy of Daisaku Ikeda's personality worship. That's because it's a cult religion itself, like Little Red Riding Hood's wolf in Grimm's fairy tales that are covered in lies. Also, Japanese Buddhism itself is not directly related to Shakyamuni Buddha, and it is like a message game, and among them short-sighted to say that the Nichiren sect of Buddhism makes you happy just by chanting the daimoku.

Therefore, the Soka Gakkai has two sides, but on the surface it is a non-Nichiren Buddhism, and behind the scenes, it forges a specific individual into a demonic figure, and harasses and monitors that person in a group that violates human rights. Moreover, what is surprising is the fact that the Liberal Democratic Party, the majority of the ruling party, is dominated by 6 million cult votes in the election. For example, the escort ship run aground on the 10th of this month and the patrol ship run aground on the 18th can be staged as religious ceremonies for the appeal of pairing because the police and the Self-Defense Forces can be arbitrarily manipulated. An example of this would be the Kamikaze attack during World War II, with Daisaku Ikeda as the emperor. Therefore, by exploiting the police, using the personal information of a specific individual's smartphone eavesdropping and PC hacking as a material, while causing an incident or accident to a believer, synchronizing the specific individual's SNS posting content and remark content and replacing the cause. As a result, a specific individual can be transformed into a demon person. Moreover, the Japanese people are trapped by the theory that there are no bad people in the world, and they have become residents of cartoons and animations, and there is no sense of tension at all, and it is completely unreliable. Even more foolish is the fact that the Japanese public believes that the Soka Gakkai is a legitimate religion, even though everyone can be equally a victim of the cult Soka Gakkai. Also, it seems that other victims also occasionally make protest actibity criticizing the Soka Gakkai, but they have become conspiracy theorists such as non-existent electromagnetic waves and brain-eavesdropping, and are not effective activities.

In Japan under such circumstances, I have continued to criticize the Soka Gakkai and Komeito on the streets every week for seven years, and I have deliberately aimed for the top of the devil hierarchy. That's how the cult Soka Gakkai came to eat me as a bait. In other words, the order of priority to exterminate the cult's opponents is me, and as a result of that gaslighting act, my actions and remarks are synchronously reflected as what the Soka Gakkai of World Religions does.

This is a strange example, but as soon as I followed the Twitter account of Mio Sugita, who was elected right next to the accident site, eight days later, a MSDF destroyer crashed into a reef at full speed, causing a grounding accident. Ultimately, that became the starting point, and the January 18th Japan Coast Guard ship aground accident is reflected in the pairing gaslighting act as a message that is not a coincidence. In addition, the same method was used in the sinking accident of a Shiretoko sightseeing boat that occurred in Shari Town, Hokkaido on April 23, 2022 last year, and the fire of a small sightseeing boat that occurred in Kokura, Kitakyushu City four days later. It must be an appeal of the curse production to the believer that there is. In addition, my sister, who lives in the United States, returned to Japan for the 7th anniversary of my mother's death. The conversation at the time was 'Did you come on American Airlines? ’, and two weeks later, an accident occurred in Alabama in which the engine of an American airliner got caught. In addition, after I ordered a smartphone battery from Amazon, it was delivered to my home on January 9th, and on January 10th, a battery fire occurred in a Scoot plane in Taiwan. Other than that, perhaps the downfall of the air traffic system in the United States the other day and the Yeti flight crash in Nepal yesterday may be the cause of the belief in the cult Soka Gakkai. Also, the cause of the two accidents is suspicious: an F-35 fighter crashed off the coast of Aomori Prefecture on April 10, 2019, and an F-15 fighter crashed off the coast of Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture on January 31, 2022. Furthermore, the crash of China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735 on the March 21st seems to be a case of intentional crash, and the cause is as mysterious as the collision with a Japanese destroyer. Moreover, the cause of the crash seems to be spatial disorientation, and the Japanese Air Accident Investigation Commission cannot be trusted because the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in charge is a member of the Soka Gakkai.

There are not enough words to explain the insane faith that have gone unnoticed until now, but in Japan, I continue to post on SNS about a series of inexplicable incidents and accidents on railways and in front of stations. As a result, it is the cunning cult Soka Gakkai that abuses the flawed Japanese law that cannot be prosecuted as organizational collusion for incidents that occur spontaneously due to the instigation of such a cult. Moreover, the reason why Japan does not ratify the Genocide Convention, the Magnitsky Act, and the international reporting system, which are standard in the developed countries of the world, is that the Soka Gakkai Komei-party, which conducts silent genocide in Japan, is interfering. And there is no doubt that more and more people around the world will be victimized by the insane faith of this cult, and Japan's investigative agencies are dysfunctional and useless. And finally, I want to warn the world that this cult already has the power to influence US government officials.

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2023/2/15(水) JR山手線主要7駅前 反日カルト、集団ストーカー


2023/2/16(木) JR山手線主要7駅前街宣&16日 (木) 国会議事堂前建屋前 反日
          カルト、集団ストーカー組織共謀犯罪周知街宣 を行います。





2月16日(木) 国会議事堂建屋前にて反日カル

日時: 2023年12月16日(木)


場所 : 東京メトロ丸ノ内線 国会議事堂前出口を出て、 国会議事堂裏衆議院

結局次選挙での公明党との選挙協力対策からも早々に旧統一教会問題に蓋をしてしまいたい自民党の思惑から、高額寄付やカルト宗教の肝であるマインドコントロールやカルト定義さえ曖昧に骨抜きにする姑息な自公体質は相変わらずで、憲法改正、対中非難決議、土地利用規制法、敵地攻撃能力、マグニツキー法、ジェノサイド条約を悉く反故や骨抜きにして来た創価公明の経緯から態度を一転し、これ迄中国への一途な片思いからのいきなり強硬に豹変した中国の台湾、尖閣問題で一方的に三行半を突き付けられた格好から、ここに来て反撃能力賛成や斎藤鉄夫国交大臣に最近胸に後付けられた北朝鮮拉致被害者帰還リボン章の変節振りから窺い知れる旧統一教会問題からの創価学会への延焼危機防止の観点からも、 自民党の敵地攻撃能力を反撃能力への名称変更により幼稚な偽善平和の創価学会員への配慮に苦心しながらも、結局公明党が敵地攻撃能力呑む事で、その見返りからのバーター取引での旧統一教会被害者救済法骨抜きや、大量の自民党議員の旧統一教会との癒着問題からも遠ざけたい自公両党のご都合主義の低俗モラル政治の反映だ。

【 正に外患誘致罪、安倍元総理暗殺や国家転覆罪相当の共同謀議を地で行く実質悪魔演出崇拝の邪教創価学会を天誅!今の処はカルト死刑囚席の空きも教団側が秋葉原無差別殺傷事件犯を追い詰めた犯人席や、オーム死刑囚執行分空きも増大中ですよ!キチガ○カルト似非仏教上層部の皆さん!後2年位でしょうかね?しかも何とたった一人のサラリーマン相手からの自滅仄めかしから世間から引導を渡される狂気のカルト冥利に尽きる集団死刑!宣告促進と共に、被害者の私からのこの逆ガスライティング工作も添えて。それでお得意のどM立場でサイコパス病理教団の皆様なら自己破滅さえも楽しめる筈ですよ。最高ですか~!?それで新宿区のカルト上層部の皆さんの集団死刑と共に、末端の学会員の集団自殺促進や、ジキルとハイドの二面性を持つ犯罪者病理集団の全ての皆様が全国規模で行う共謀、国家転覆テロ、サイレントジェノサイドでの摘発や、又は病んでる学会員の精神病棟への措置入院が一刻も早くなる様私単独で周知します 】