【To everyone in the world.】 Pandora's box covit-19 may have been made by the Japanese cult religion, the Chinese government's power struggle, and a multinational medical company.

Pandora's box covit-19 may have been made by the Japanese cult religion, the Chinese government's power struggle, and a multinational medical company.

Relationship between the cult Soka Gakkai of the ruling coalition government, the Komeito party, and the Liberal Democratic Party

Hello,I'm a pure-bred Japanese, just an office worker who works for a general company.

First of all, the Soka Gakkai of Japanese cult religion and the Komeito party of the ruling party are the same organization. This organization, formerly a Buddhist, has now transformed into an antisocial cult religion of Daisaku Ikeda's cult of personality. At the time of the election, the number of voters was about 3 to 5 million, accounting for about 10% of the total population of Japan. However, in the past, allegations of the murder of three Japanese celebrities have been left unattended in this cult organization, and the most problematic is the government agency, the ruling party, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the police, the emergency department, the fire department, and about 3,000 local lawmakers, believers are invading every field. By the way, the names are Asagi Akiyo, a former member of the Higashimurayama City Council, Juzo Itami, a movie director, and Tsuyoshi Hashimoto, the chairman of the political society, but so will other them. The reason why such a group of criminals entered the ruling party in violation of the Religious Exclusion Constitution is due to the nation people who are much worse than other countries and are indifferent to politics. The first of the tragedy is that the cult Soka Gakkai will nominate almost all members of the LDP , the majority of the ruling party, at the time of the election, with 3 to 5 million cult Soka Gakkai bilivers voting for the LDP. Therefore, the LDP members of the Diet are always looking at the complexion of the cult Soka Gakkai, and the policy of the minority Soka Gakkai is reflected as a national policy. And the last tragedy was already pointed out by an American think tank. The Cult Soka Gakkai is Japan's most pro-Chinese, an organization similar to the Chinese Communist Party, and even the majority Liberal Democratic Party is currently predominantly pro-Chinese. The purpose of the Liberal Democratic Party and the cult Soka Gakkai is to create and seize interests, but it seems that the cult Soka Gakkai is using the continuous traffic accident terrorism that occurred last year in Japan to induce the interests of its own organization. The fire at Shuri Castle in Okinawa is also suspicious. At the same time, the purpose of cult Soka is to use all means for the purpose of riding a winning horse at the time of election. That's certainly my opinion, but most Japanese only understand the essence of newspapers and television, and I'm being hit by traffic accident terrorism every day from followers of the Cult Soka Gakkai, so I am convinced from such a standpoint.

The cult Soka Gakkai's own ambitions focused on the use of parliamentary power and the induction of profits on the Ainu indigenous peoples issue in Hokkaido and the Ryukyu Kingdom indigenous peoples issue in Okinawa Prefecture.

So, first of all, in order to resolve the misunderstanding, basically there are almost no people of pure Ainu pedigree, and in a situation where the debate over whether or not they are indigenous people is suspicious, for some reason the Ainu Basic Law is held in the Diet without discussion. Moreover, the number of fake Ainu people in the profession is steadily increasing as they come in as self-proclaimed Ainu. The biggest problem is that was established first. Moreover, without waiting for the enactment of the Ainu Basic Law, huge subsidies from the national government, embezzlement of the Ainu Association of the basic organization and fraudulent accounting are occurring frequently, and the flow of money is not clear, and it is already huge in the first place. It has become synonymous with embezzlement for tax deprivation. The first step in the flow of huge amounts of money is that the head of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido, which is a hotbed of fraud, is the chairman, Kazushi Abe, who is a believer in the Cult Soka Gakkai. The governor of Hokkaido, who is the origin of the flow of money, is Governor Naomichi Suzuki, and Akio Nitori, chairman of the furniture company of the supporters' association at the time of the election, is a believer in the Cult Soka Gakkai Society. The Governor of Hokkaido previously had a career as a public health profession in Tokyo and received an 2013 Global Leaders of Tomorrow award from the Davos Forum. After that, Governor Suzuki of Hokkaido was expected to be a human resource that could be used at this World Economic Forum, and began to receive support from the pro-Chinese cult Soka Gakkai. The new corona pneumonia in "Event 201", which simulated the infection, was already pre-trained at this conference, and we knew in advance that a new corona pandemic would occur, and the governor was sent in advance to proceed according to the subsequent scenario. Therefore, it was the governor of Hokkaido, who was good at public health, who declared Japan's first state of emergency with the spread of the new corona, and now the scenario drawn by the Cult Soka Gakkai for the purpose of riding a winning horse has succeeded, and from that achievement The name appears in the candidate for the next prime minister. The biggest scenario of the Soka Gakkai is to use the Ainu Association to take some sovereignty from Japan by building the Ainu Autonomous Region, grant suffrage to foreigners in elections, and increase the power of the Komeito party of its own organization. To take power. At the same time, spreading the new corona in order to ward off from the administration Mr. Xi Jinping, as a result, it will lead to the aid to Mr. Li Kui than one. Against this background, a common interest relationship can be seen between Mr. Li Keqiang of the Chinese Communist Party and the international medical multinational corporations participating in the Cult Soka Gakkai and the World International Forum. Among the mutual interests, Soka Gakkai members have already obtained the most important posts: the chairman of the Ainu Association of Hokkaido, the chairman of the supporters' association of the governor of Hokkaido Suzuki, and the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The vice president of the Cult Soka Gakkai is building a friendly relationship with the next Prime Minister, Mr. Suga, because the entire organization can always surveillance the people in power. Therefore, the effect that the Cult Soka Gakkai can benefit from in the future is to create an autonomous region by laying the groundwork for promoting the immigration policy of 10 million Chinese people in the Ainu policy and then diverting this policy that was successful in Hokkaido to Okinawa Prefecture. And we aim to support Mr. Lee with the advantage of eliminating the US military base in Okinawa. In addition, this Soka Gakkai will enclose a huge amount of subsidies for measures against indigenous people from the country, and will raise future prime ministers Suga and Li Keqiang as heads of state, or in parallel, future prime minister candidate Governor Suzuki Hokkai. The purpose of this cult Soka Gakkai will continue to maintain a thick pipe to the Chinese Communist Party and to have control over the Japanese government by investing in advance and expecting kickback profits.

Next, the interests of Mr. Li Keqiang, who is ranked second in the Chinese Communist Party.

From ancient times, the Cult Soka Gakkai has been generously investing in leading candidates for the Chinese Communist Party. It is Xi Jinping's study abroad era in Japan, Cheng Yonghua, Ambassador of the original Ambassador to Japan as well. By the way, Ambassador Cheng Yonghua is a graduate of Soka University. It is the same method as Governor Suzuki, and it may be that they are seeking the voluntary cooperation of the other party in the form of one-sided love without colluding with Japanese compassion. Whether Li Kui little Mr. is directly related to the new corona is unknown, but will give a good influence in the power struggle with Mr Xi Jinping. By the way, Mr. Li Keqiang visited Hokkaido alone on May 10, 2018. The Hokkaido people are suspicious that the Chinese have endlessly purchased land in Hokkaido and the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has not taken any measures.

Benefits of medical multinationals participating in the World Economic Forum Davos Conference

Isn't that because of the well-known purpose of acquiring vaccine manufacturing rights? At a global meeting in New York City on October 18, last year, a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic was taking place. Moreover, it is similar to the world infection situation so far, and this is not a coincidence. If the Cult Soka Gakkai is the main culprit, this organization, which collects 200 billion yen from believers every year, would be meaningless if the believers died in the new Corona. He probably knew that at least it would have the lowest mortality rate in developed countries.

For reference, Chinese Communist Party Prime Minister Li Peng has told Australia's Deputy Prime Minister that "Japan will collapse around 2025," and that statement has been discussed in the Japanese Diet. Certainly, if we build indigenous autonomous regions in Hokkaido and Okinawa, Japan, and put in 10 million immigrants and grant them suffrage, any country will be destroyed. However, in that scenario, pro-Chinese Soka Gakkai members became the minions of the Chinese Communist Party, and the plan is proceeding. And if it goes on like this, there is a possibility that Japan will actually collapse internally due to the pro-Chinese Soka Gakkai. And the other day, it is reported that the new coronavirus was manufactured at the Wuhan Institute of Veterinary Medicine. If that is the case, it is more likely to be artificial intentional. I think there is a strong suspicion that this covit-19 is the principal culprit of the Cult Soka Gakkai. That's because there is no intelligence agency in Japan and no anti-spy law. Therefore, in Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the faction of Soka Gakkai members is widespread, and it has strong ties with the Chinese Communist Party. This antisocial cult Soka Gakkai is a ridiculous group that has to choose the means for the purpose. Basically, Japanese people are accustomed to peace, so they don't know the horror of this organization, and even the media is taboo and does not report at all. It ’s a topic 20 years ago, In the past, the Liberal Democratic Party, which had been asking the Komeito to explain the alleged murder of Soka Gakkai, stopped speaking as soon as it formed a coalition government with the Komeito. This is the level of Japanese politicians. That's why I'm doing street promotion and publicity activities by myself.This is because the people themselves have become accustomed to the society dominated by the Cult Soka Gakkai and have begun to be brainwashed using television media so as not to notice the crisis. This Soka Gakkai has expanded to 192 countries around the world. Nowadays, believers are spreading to US military personnel and Self-Defense Forces members in Japan, and I would like you to understand that it is a very dangerous pro-Chinese group. Finally, thank you for reading the long text. This sentence was created by Google Translator, so please be aware that there may be esoteric explanations, omissions, and strange contexts.