8月6日(木)反日カルト、集団ストーカー組織共謀犯罪周知 札幌ゲリラ街宣を行いました。 6, August Gang stalker: The other day, I did street guerrilla anti organized crime propaganda activity in Sapporo city.


織共謀犯罪周知 札幌ゲリラ街宣を行いました。



Komeito  Natsuo Yamaguchi party representative and Xi Jinping Jintao

6, August Gang stalker: The other day, I did street guerrilla anti organized crime propaganda activity in Sapporo city. I carried out the street guerrilla anti organized crime propaganda activities in Sapporo city center for about 2 hours.
(I put in activities of street propaganda at the nearest station of my home, and carried out activities for a total of 2.5 hours )

There is a report released by an American think tank the other day, which refers to Japan's pro-Chinese Toshihiro Nikai, LDP secretary general, Deputy Prime Minister Imai, and Komeito. There are the most pro-China of these three, and does not point out the existence of a boss behind the scenes, which is responsible for the Japanese government's pro-China policy. After all, the most pro-China in Japan are Soka Gakkai and Komeito. Because last year, Prime Minister Abe tried to dismiss the pro-China Toshihiro Nikai Kaiki LDP secretary general as the secretary general. At that time, the Komei Party representative Yamaguchi made a complaint to Prime Minister Abe and the fired can not resolved. In a similar case, the Japanese government's national support policy at covit-19 was initially determined to be 300,000 yen only to the LDP specific person. After that, the Komeito representative Natsuo Yamaguchi complained to Prime Minister Abe, and as a result, the Komeito party's proposal was suddenly changed to a uniform 100,000 yen. The reason for this decision by the Komeito proposal is that the government will pay 100,000 yen to all 3 to 5 million voters of about 10 million Soka gakkai belivers. This is because kickback profits are more profitable from soka gakkai belivers. There is a reason why the majority of the LDP within this ruling party is dominated by the minority Soka Gakkai and Komeito. The most troublesome thing, then, is that the Komeito, a group of cult belivers, recommends almost all LDP lawmakers in the ruling majority at the time of elections, and the LDP lawmakers are only looking at the Komeito party, and as a result, It is governed by completely relying on the followers' votes. Due to such circumstances in the Japanese government, contrary to Japanese people who are indifferent to politics, the organizational vote in this cult Soka election is an abnormal structure that rules Japan. And the ideal social structure of the cult Soka Gakkai and the Komeito is the Chinese Communist Party in anachronistic totalitarianism. If the cult Soka Gakkai and the Komeito are the most pro-Chinese in Japan and the US government does not detect the actual situation, it is possible that the basic policy of locking in China will fail. It is because the cult Soka Gakkai of the pro-Chinese group who has a great deal of power in the back and the Komeito are already out of control of the people and even the LDP, rather than the Liberal Democratic Party and the prime minister of the Japanese government who have no real authority. If possible, Japan would become a true pro-America if the US government could re-identify cult Soka Gakkai as an antisocial cult religion. And finally, while still seriously trying to establish a cult religious dictatorship in this peaceful Japan, while concealing terrorist activities to general individuals in Japan, concealing plotting work that cannot be criticized for this religion The cult Soka Gakkai and the Komei Party continue to do so.